January 20, 2012

Yellow and Gray Cupcake Display {Wedding Cupcakes}

Gray is the new neutral and yellow is a perfect sunny addition. The color combination looks great used here on this wedding cake/cupcake display. The cake is clean and classic, allowing the yellow ruffle sugar with a vintage gray button flower to be the focal point. The cupcakes are also adorned with a gray vintage button. The white ceramic tree stump stand (from BHLDN) is the perfect piece to display them on. I fell in love with the stand the first time I saw it and felt it would be the perfect addition to a dessert table, used a cupcake stand (shown here), or to display a tiered wedding cake.
bhldn stand with cupcakes and cake
Ceramic tree stand with yellow and gray cupcakes
yellow cupcakes with vintage gray buttons
vintage gray button toppers
yellow ruffle sugar flower
yellow ruffle sugar flower with a gray button center
unique cupcake stand
the tree stump cake/cupcake stand has great detail on the top and the base
yellow and gray wedding cupcakes
love, love, love this stand :)

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