June 22, 2012

Seeing Spots and Polka Dots {styled shoot}

When our friend Beth at True Love Photo asked us to create a cake that had polka dots both on the outside and the inside... we responded "challenge accepted!!". After countless tasty trials we did it, and not once but twice.
We create a bold yellow cake with evenly space blue polka dots and a second one with bright red polka dots. The cakes were then decorated with a matching polka dot pattern.
Yellow and Blue Polka Dot Cake!! 
sweet cakes by rebecca - polka dot cake
photo: True Love Photo
Wanna a piece 
Sweet Cakes by Rebecca - polka dot cake slice
photo: True Love Photo

And a yummy slice of the yellow and red polka dot cake
photo: True Love Photo

photo: True Love Photo
 Now a couple of in process pics of how the magic was created:
(sorry for the pics, they were taken from my iPhone and for some reason unknow to me they uploaded upside down)

a cookie scoop was used to make space for the polka dots

after the dots were added a layer of matching color buttercream was added
The second layer of polka dots added to the cake.

A huge THANK YOU to:

Models: Cast Images
Stylist: Poppy
Hair and make-up: I Make Beautiful
Paperie: Honey Paperie


  1. Are the polka dots just other colored cake made into balls and put into the cake like instructed above?

  2. what are the polka dots made from? so cute!

  3. Do you have the steps to make the polka dots in the middle?

  4. I mean what you using to make the polka dots?

    Thank you

  5. The polka dots are made from colored white cake that is made into cake balls.