July 26, 2010

Super Sweet 16 - Dessert Table

So when my niece celebrated her sweet 16th birthday I knew I had to give her the best cake ever. One problem, she is around the bakery and cake all the time, she has had almost every kind of cake we make and each year we make her cakes bigger and better. So this year we decided to make her a dessert table with a big variety of yummy treats sure to please everyone and most importantly her. We started with a very modern, graphic 2 tier cake and then took the color scheme and made matching cupcakes, mini cupcakes, sugar cookies, caramel covered pretzels, cake pops, and candy filled jars. sweet 16 dessert table - sweet cakes by rebecca I started with a color scheme of purple, black and white and then I threw in yellow and lime green. The horizontal black and white stripes are a fun background for the circle discs pressed with different textures. Those textured circles became the unifing theme for the dessert table. modern black and white birthday cake - sweet cakes by rebecca While I worked on the cake, Hector started to work on the cake pops and Rose started to make the sugar cookies, which we decided would also be on a stick.

cake pops in process - sweet cakes by rebecca sugar cookie pops - sweet cakes by rebecca I repeated the textured circle theme to decorate the wall behind the table. I took 12x12 pieces of scrapbook paper and cut various size circles out to be hung as the back drop. We added balloons to the sides and once all of the elements were on the table the finished look was nothing short of perfect!

The left side of the table...

purple green yellow black and white desset table - sweet cakes by rebeccaIn the back was grape flavored purple licorice whips, sour apple-o's, and giant jawbreakers. In the front was mini cupcakes (yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting), cookie pops decorated like whirly pops, an cupcakes topped with textured discs to match the cake and a pot of red velvet cake pops covered in white chocolate and purple and yellow drizzles.

The right side of the table...we repeated some of the treats for symmetry, but we did add banana laffy taffy, green sour candy and Hector's caramel dipped pretzels (knots and rods) with purple and yellow drizzle. dessert table - sweet cakes by rebecca

Details...and more details...

mini cupcakes with chocolate frosting and yellow sprinkles in purple paperschocolate frosted mini cupcakes - sweet cakes by rebeccaclose up of the cake and the texture on the circlesblack and white birthday cake - sweet cakes by rebecca

Red velvet cake pops dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with purple and yellow and then arranged in a black pot with green ribbon curlsred velvet cake pops - sweet cakes by rebecca caramel dipped pretzel rods and knots with matching purple and yellow drizzle caramel dipped pretzel knots and rods - sweet cakes by rebecca sugar cookie pops decorated like lollipops decorated sugar cookie pops - sweet cakes by rebecca vanilla cupcakes with matching yellow textured fondant circles, purple sprinkles and green polka dot papers vanilla cupcakes - sweet cakes by rebecca there was even color matched soda, lima and pineapple Jarritos! yellow and green soda - sweet cakes by rebecca

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