May 11, 2010

I Love the 80's - cake!

80's cake The best part of making this cake was our teams brainstorming session. It was so fun to remember the haircuts (flock of seagulls), the sayings (grody to the max), and the neon colors that were everywhere from sunglasses to paint splattered bandanas. All of us had a different approach to the cake so the list of possible items to include on the cake became very long. Some of the things that didn't make it on the cake were risky business sunglasses, snorks, Howard Jones, Beat Street, any of John Hughes movies, and hacky sacks. But this cake is an homage to all of those who are proud to say they cuffed their acid washed jeans, remember when MTV played music videos, and looked at life through slits in their sunglasses.

80's themed cake

Yes that is a rubics cube (made from rice cereal treats) and pictures of Cyndi Lauper and Gem; I used to love watching Gem and always wanted to have wild pink hair! We also created a classic NES controller, the Thundercats logo, edible images of Miami Vice, The Goonies and Run DMC. The cake was just as fun to make as it is to look at and think " OMG! I remember ..."

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