January 16, 2010

Anyone thirsty for some cake!!!

patron bottle cake Yes thirsty for cake. We have had so much fun creating cakes that resemble drink bottles and while we could make a soda can or bottle, or even a carton of milk, the requests we get are for alcohol bottles, cans and kegs. This is a cake we created for a birthday party at the Dream Ultra Lounge in downtown Sacramento. The Patron bottle cake stood 2 feet tall and the limes were 8" long. We use rice cereal treats for the cork, limes and salt shaker and hand painted the label. We also created a custom stand, which is a mirror, for the cake to sit on. It was an amazing cake for an amazing party. Photos curtosy of the http://www.dreamultralounge.com/

patron bottle cakehennessy bottle cake But maybe your not into taking shots and prefer a mixed drink. Then this might be the cake for you.

This Hennessy Bottle cake stands about 14" tall and it serves about 20 people. We hand paint the bottle and label. hennessy bottle cake

But don't worry all you beer drinkers, we got you covered as hefeweizen keg cakewell!

This Hefeweizen Keg cake was painted with an edible metalic silver glaze and then the hand painted label was placed on the front.

hefeweizen cake

corona bottle cakeAnd for those of you who like a bottle over a cup... We have a Corona bottle cake. This bottle stood 22" tall and it amazed even me. Complete with a lime wedge, made of marshmallow, the cake made you look twice and question the fact that it was cake. The bottle had a sheen on it that made the Corona bottle look like it just came out of the fridge. We painted the cake golden yellow and then gave it a pearl coat. We hand painted the label and the lime. I think the craziest part was delivering the cake an hour away from the bakery. But it made it to the party and was a big hit. But there is still the beer drinker who will grab a can over a bottle or cup, and we have made cakes for them too. We have not only made a single can , but also a case of beer cans. budweiser can cake budweiser case cake

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