November 17, 2009

Mad Science Birthday Cake

We had so much fun creating a mad science themed birthday cake for an awesome 5 year. The cake was an explosion of color, texture, and it was a feast for your senses. We included a rocket ship made of rice cereal treats, 2 boiling beakers also made of rice cereal treats, and atoms bursting of the cake on wires. There are chemical symbols, atom rings, green slime, and lightening bolts. Then we layered it with swirls of color, stars, and dots. Our inspiration for this design was fueled by the Mad Science party team. ( They come to your party and conduct experiments and entertain the kids while the teach. They have invitations you can use and also goodie bags for the kids. The birthday message and rocket close up. We cut out letters and then piped over them for extra color. We make our cakes to be viewed 360 degrees, so here is the back side of the cake. It also has full decoration with atoms bursting, atom string and chemical symbols. just another angle of the cake... We also created a smaller version of the cake for the birthday boy. He wanted a chocolate cake so we made him his own chocolate cake and the big cake was a tier of lemon and a tier of marble. We took the beaker from the top of the big cake down to picture with his cake.

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