August 11, 2008

Girly Skull Cake

The hot pink, black and white girly skull cake is one of the most requested cakes. The skull design is popular on clothes, shoes, purses and even school supplies. So I shouldn't be surprised that young girls want to have the coolest cake with the latest fad.
The cake has been done in different sizes and for a wide range of ages. Every time the cake is made something is done a little different to make the cake unique. It is a blend of the sweet with the hot pink and the edgy with the black.
Here a few of the cakes we have done with the girly skull... all black, hot pink and white.

"The heartogram skull cake"

The cake done with the heartogram and a spiky finish.

The cake as a 2 tiered cake with the Roxy logo added and
the heartograms replaced with hearts and a bow.
The girly skull giant cupcake.
The cupcake is so big it serves 16 people!
The skull flower cake...
the cute skull with long eyelashes, a pink bow are the petals for the flower
that has bones between the petals.
13th birthday skull cake.
The smaller version of the cake still has the important
elements of the girly skull and the scrolls on the sides.

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  1. Very nice! I love your designs on the cake! very teeneger style!

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